Ride Levels                                                                                  





Ride Level Designation System.


Level 1:  Rest stops every 50 to 75 miles max.  Not to exceed 2 hours between stops.  Lower legal speeds Non-aggressive riding.  Typically a low distance ride.

 Level 2:  Rest stops every 75 to 125 miles  max.  Not to exceed 3 hours between stops.  Higher legal speeds, cover ground more quickly.  This can be a ride of any distance.

 Level 3:  These are typically a time/distance driven ride. Tank to Tank would be typical, while riding at the highest legal speeds.  Most aggressive riding to cover ground.

 Henceforth please include this ride level designation as a courtesy in all impromptu and scheduled rides.  And, lets see if we bring the participation up.  ( More Fun)


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